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Nike + iPod

June 21st, 2010

Many people these days have iPods and some of us like to listen to them while hiking.  I do think that on special hikes or hikes with friends using a iPod can be inappropriate at times, but for all the training days, you can listen to your music and chart your mileage at the same time.  Nike makes a small receiver that fits on your shoe and transmits a signal to a receiver that fits into your iPod Nano.  You can choose a goal or you can just start the recording and walk.  At the end of the workout it syncs to your iTunes account and charts your walk, including the speed, distance, etc.  This is a really cool way to chart your miles over the months and years.  You can also post your workouts on your blog or send them to your friends.  They even let you set up challenges with your online friends.

The only drawback that I’ve found is that when you stop for longer than 1 minute the workout pauses itself.  If you don’t have your headphones in you won’t hear the robot voice saying “your workout has paused.”   So that 20 mile hike is logged as 4 miles.

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